A Warm Welcome

So here I was in bed, on the brink of slumber, in the midst of all those reoccurring nightly thoughts about what I’d love to accomplish in the near future — the new habits I want to build, projects I want to do, career I want to pursue, and the family life that I ultimately want to create — when I got on the thought trail of step one: finding a suitable branding name.

Now, this trail has been stomped through several times, usually only to wind up at a drop off. I have chosen and tested several blog/site names, none of which have kept even myself inspired and most of which were already taken. Tonight was different.

I’m a very visual learner and it’s been since my first term as an undergrad design student that I have began to look at all things in a different perspective. I have, for some time, wanted to be creative. It just took being around classes full of artists for me to really succumb to this. I love the passion that can be found in the visual design field. From one spectrum of media to the next, there is a plethora of worlds and possibilities that can be seen, that can be felt, heard, tasted… I love the spirit.

“Hm,” I think to myself, “Vivacious. I really love this word. I want to share my spirit in the art I will create, be it photos, crafts, fashion, or whatever tickles my fancy… I want to be… Visually Vivacious!” Thwap! It was like I got smacked in the face by the broom of a muse. “This actually has a nice ring to it… Clearly must be taken.” Roll over, grab my phone, Google both ‘Visually Vivacious’ and ‘Vivacious Visuals’ to obviously see at least one stunning blog or site, making me want to weep of both inspiration and envy.

There was nothing too serious, a Pinterest or two… Nothing following suit of what I was expecting. Of course, being a bit of a doubter, my second thought is “Maybe it’s locked away somewhere.” But alas, a baby entrepreneur may just have finally been born. That was one long creative pregnancy.

Hello world, thanks for finally seeing fit that I may join you.


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